Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Highlights: My 2008 Recap

January :

  • This is our birthday month! For Gage's 22nd birthday (on the 3rd) we went to Fuddruckers, they have awesome food. For my 23rd birthday (on the 16th) we went to Johnny Carinos Italian Restaurant and of course I got Fettuccine Alfredo as I always do :) In between our birthdays we had a party at our house, invited friends and family over and ate amazing chocolate cake made by Jenny - my MIL.
  • Gage started working for HyVee.


  • The Baby Shower! The shower was thrown by Jenny and the highlight of the shower was the scrapbooking. Everyone that was there made a scrapbook page for Zoe's first year scrapbook. Jenny also made some amazing chocolate cupcakes (have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE cupcakes?). It was great having many of my new friends there. I had always envisioned my first baby shower being with my CA friends and family, and with my Mom of course, so this was quite different from what I had always thought it would be, but it was a wonderful day nonetheless.
  • Valentines Day - went to Olive Garden :) All I really remember was that I was soo pregnant I could barely walk haha.
  • My friend Marie had her baby boy Luke on the 16th.
  • My friend Rachel M. had her baby boy Jonathan on the 20th.


  • Brad's birthday party at the indoor pool with a pirate ship. I think it was at the Ramada Inn? Very cool pool.
  • ZOE WAS BORN! March 12 at 2:20 pm.
  • Ezra was born! March 12 at 2:24 pm (they even had the same Dr. deliver them hehe)
  • My sister arrived the day after Zoe was born. We were all hoping she'd be here for the birth but Zoe decided to come a couple days early :)
  • We brought Zoe home from the hospital on the 14th.
  • We brought her to church for the first time on the 23rd, which was also Easter!


  • My friends Amanda and Charles came out to visit for the first time! They arrived from San Diego on the same day my sister left to return to San Diego, hah. We got to show them around Sioux Falls and of course they were able to spend time with little 3 week old Zoe.
  • My brother turned 21 this month.


  • We went to the Tulip Festival again in Orange City, Iowa (half an hour from here). We had done this the previous year and loved it so much we had to go back. It's a dutch festival and the town is filled with tulips of every kind you can imagine. The bag of kettle corn we bought was bigger than Zoe!
  • May 11th - my first Mother's Day as a Mother. Now I look forward to Mother's days.
  • We went to New Jersey and New York! May 28th - June 5th. I had a family reunion in Princeton, NJ in honor of my Great-Grandmother's 95th birthday. Almost all of my family met Zoe for the first time in NJ. We were able to get a 5 generation photo with my Great-Grandmother, my Grandma, my Dad, Myself, and Zoe! The day after the reunion we left the kids (my cousins have babies as well) with the Aunts and Grandmothers and all of us cousins with our husbands/wives, and Gallagher (Gabby's boyfriend) went to New York City for the day. I went to the top of the Empire State Building for the first time, that was definitely a highlight of the trip. We went to the WTC site, the Statue of Liberty (also my first time there), Times Square, and we road a bus around most of the city and so I saw a lot more of it than I did the first time I was there. It was our first time being away from Zoe for more than a couple of hours, but we did well, we were able to enjoy ourselves.


  • We had about two weeks in between trips. We returned from NJ on the 5th and we left for CA on the 21st. We were in CA until July 7th! We spent 10 days in San Diego, then we took a train up to Fresno and drove from there to the Yosemite National Park to meet up with Gage's parents, brothers, and grandparents. We were there for a couple days, then we all went to San Francisco for the 4th of July (not really a good idea! It's almost always foggy there.), and then we spent a couple days in Auburn (a city near Sacramento), CA visiting more of Gage's family.
  • We went camping, it was Zoe's first camping trip - the 15th/16th with the church at Lake Herman. Gage's first Father's Day as a Father!
  • Zoe learned to roll over this month.


  • We returned from our trip on the 7th. Within the past month Zoe had met all but three family members!! She met my entire family and even my extended family - 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins, etc. She also met everyone on Gage's side of the family except for two of his cousins and an uncle. She also met just about all of our friends. Pretty amazing!
  • 4th of July in San Francisco, too long of a story, but the fireworks...pretty much nonexistent. We had fun during the day though!
  • July 9th - The 3rd Anniversary of my Mother's death. I was able to get through this day with much more ease than the previous two years. I think I have finally reached a point where my grief is not so intense, but I think I've also become jaded. I remember the day my Mom died, wondering where I'd be 3 years from then. I never dreamed I would be living in South Dakota of all places, married and with a daughter! God has blessed me SO much.


  • In the middle of August Gage's parents returned home from their 2 month long vacation and his grandparents also came to visit. They usually come to visit in the summer & fall and then they leave after Thanksgiving, but this time the plan was to stay in Sioux Falls until Christmas!
  • The Swing! Zoe and I started swinging outside on the porch swing that is located on the front lawn. We did this every evening for about two months until it got to be too cold.
  • Zoe and I started hanging out with Anna and her daughter Kjersten. We met in a Baby & Me class at the hospital when the babies were just a couple months old. Anna introduced me to a few new friends as well!
  • I started my Biblical Homekeeping blog.
  • Lifelight! Zoe's first Lifelight :) I'm so thankful for festivals like that. It's so much fun to go out with family and friends and sit and listen to music, eat food that is terrible for you, and be among thousands of other Christians.
  • Zoe also learned how to sit up on her own this month!


  • Zoe turned 6 months old - started eating solid foods. Rice cereal was her first food, then bananas, and then sweet potatoes.
  • We went Apple Picking for the first time!!
  • The 16th - Our 2nd Anniversary! Near the end of the month Gage and I went to Minneapolis, MN for a couple days to celebrate our Anniv. We went to a nice restaurant, a concert (HANSON) and stayed in a really nice hotel. Zoe stayed with her grandparents during this time.
  • My Aunt Luanne turned 50 on the 19th.
  • Elliott turned 2 on the 20th!
  • Also the 16th - My niece K8lyn turned 3!
  • I started my Learning and Discernnig blog.


  • We started going to community group again, this time with Gage's parents. We go every Friday night and we are watchinig a video series called The Truth Project.
  • We went to the Pumpkin Patch for the first time. Zoe sat on and next to lots of pumpkins, I took a million pictures, it was great. Next year she'll be big enough to ride the ponies!
  • My sister turned 18!! (on the 14th)
  • Rachel and I began our weekly bake night routine this month.
  • I carved my first pumpkin! :)
  • Zoe's first Halloween! We dressed her up as a Pumpkin, of course. Because she is our little pumpkin.


  • I cooked and pureed a pumpkin (Zoe's pumpkin) for the first time.
  • First snow of the season - Nov 6th.
  • Zoe learned to crawl!
  • We took yet another trip to CA! We flew out for a week before Thanksgiving. I was a bridesmaid in Michelle and Alex's Wedding. The bachelorette party was at Disneyland. We visited with many family members and some friends.
  • Zoe's first Thanksgiving - unfortunately she was just getting over the flu so I didn't really give her any special food. She also managed to get everyone else sick with the flu (including me) that evening...hah!


  • I finally went to the chiropractor for my back - it's been working! I go twice a week right now and my back really is feeling better.
  • Zoe started pulling herself up into a standing position.
  • Debbie's 50th b-day party was great. I loved watching the slideshow.
  • Snow, snow, and more snow. Lots of snow this month :)
  • Zoe started "talking" a LOT. Her favorite sounds to make are "dada", "bop" "mop" and "ses"
  • Zoe signed "yes" to me on Christmas Eve!
  • Zoe's baby dedication at church on the 22nd. It was great to have the whole church pray for Zoe and our family.
  • Zoe's first Christmas, she was sooo sooo soo cute in her little red dress!

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  1. Oh, it sounds like you had a rich year full of God's blessings! Thank you for sharing the joy He gives you with us all.


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