Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Memories 2008

We had a wonderful first Christmas with our beautiful daughter Zoe!

On Christmas Eve, our friend Rachel came over and we went to the Christmas Eve service at church at 5pm, then after church we all went over to my in-laws house for Dinner and Apple cider! Gage's parents, grandparents, brothers, Rachel, Zoe, and I all ate a lovely dinner together and the evening concluded with all the guys and Rachel playing Guitar Hero / Rock Band while Zoe, Jenny, and I sat and watched. At one point Zoe stood herself up next to a box and ended up falling in. It was actually pretty funny :)

I'm so amazed at how much video games have evolved since I was a child. Gage and his brothers have been following all the gaming stuff for as long as they have been alive but as for me, I played Nintendo and Sega games when I was little and that was it. I heard about Play Station and XBox but never knew what they could do until I met Gage in 2005. I'm still amazed at how you can *save* your games and you don't have to start from the beginning each time you turn the game on. Hand me a controller nowadays and I'll have no idea what I'm doing, so I pretty much stay away from video games. Haha.

So anyway, after Guitar Hero we all went home. I of course was wide awake until 2am and Zoe woke up at 3:30 am so I didn't get that much sleep.

Christmas morning was beauiful - it was not too cold ( was over 10 degrees hehe) and there was a lot of white snow outside. It didn't actually snow on Christmas like it did last year but it was far better than our first Christmas here with no snow whatsoever! :) Gage and I opened our gifts that we got each other, then we woke up Zoe and let her attempt to open her own presents... hehe. She tried, but of course we opened them for her. She looks so cute in that Santa hat. I'm not a huge fan of Santa Claus, but I do love the cute little Santa baby outfits :)

After all gifts were opened and the wrapping paper strategically covered the entire living room floor, we proceeded to get dressed and get ready to go in our coats, hats, and gloves and we drove back over to Gage's parents house where we met up again with Gage's grandparents, his parents, and brothers. We opened gifts there, ate breakfast, hung out with the family. More family arrived later in the day (Gage's Uncle, Aunt, and Cousins) and there were more gifts to open, more people to chat with, and more people for me to take pictures of :)

These are a few of the things we were blessed with this Christmas:

  1. A double bike trailer / jogging stroller!! I'm going to have to start counting down the days until Spring... hehe.
  2. Gage received new Chuck Taylors (black converse shoes)! He really needed new ones because his old ones were disgusting. They were actually the shoes he wore in our Wedding two years ago. I wore pink ones, but I rarely wear mine so they are still in good condition. I want to keep them that way :)
  3. I received an apron made my Jenny (my MIL), red stacking mugs (I LOVE THEM!), and a giant collage frame / jewelry box. Sounds a little odd but it's awesome! I'm so excited to finally have a place to put all my jewelry. Gage also bought me canisters for my kitchen! And... The Muppet's Christmas Carol on DVD! I love love love that movie.
  4. Zoe received lots of wonderful toys. Some little drums, the laugh & learn Puppy, a stand up toy with wheels to help her learn how to walk, bath toys, and even a hacky sack from her Uncle Brad :)
There were many more things that we received this year and I feel SO blessed to have such a wonderful and generous family.

My only disappointment with the day was my lack of a focus on Jesus Christ. I want to incorporate more of Jesus into my Christmas day celebrations. Going to church on Christmas Eve just isn't enough. Christmas is a great time of giving and time with family, but above all else it is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

What are some ways that you incorporate Jesus into your Christmas day celebrations?



  1. Sounds like a fun time! I love your photos of darling little Zoe--she is one of the cutest babies I've seen.One thing that we do to help get the focus on Christ is to read the Christmas story (Luke 2, mostly) together as a family. It is a beautiful tradition.

  2. Zoe is so adorable in the jogging stroller. It makes her look tiny! :0)


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