Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bake Night!

For the past few Wednesdays my friend Rachel has come over and we've been baking! We made the Peanut Butter Surprise cookies to begin with then the night before Thanksgiving we made 6 pies (the plan was originally for 4 pies but we ended up with enough to make 6 so we did).

We've decided to make it a weekly thing! I love to bake but I don't do it very often so it'll be fun to try baking new things each week. We haven't exactly worked out a schedule but I think from now on we're going to make dinner one time a month and a non-sweet snack or bread (so we don't overload on sweets). Tonight Rachel is not feeling well so we're not going to bake tonight. Next week we are going to make dinner or try making bagels, we haven't decided yet.

Christmas Eve we are going to bake cookies! Anyone have any suggestions for some good Christmas cookies?


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  1. How much fun to have a friend to bake with you.I love baking, so does my I leave most of it to her or else we would just have too much goodness around here.Holiday baking is the best!If you make bagels, I will want to know how the turn out. I have never been very successful making bagelsLove Ernestine :)


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