Friday, November 14, 2008

All Sorts of Fun!

I haven't written a blog in a few days, which is weird for me haha. I've been extremely busy working on a very BIG project. I'll write about it after I get back from San Diego. We will be in San Diego from the 18th (next Tuesday!) until the 23rd. One of my best friends is getting married and I am in her Wedding. I'm so excited!!! I'm not excited about traveling with an 8 month old though... It was easy to travel when she was 2 months old and again when she was 3 months old but...8? I guess we'll find out on Tuesday! For those of you who don't know, we are originally from San Diego.

Our beautiful daughter Zoe is now officially 8 months old (as of yesterday!). To celebrate her 8 month birthday she decided to feed herself for a change! She picked up her little puffed corn snacks and put them in her mouth yesterday. I've been trying to teach her how to do that for a couple weeks now. She didn't really seem to be making any progress...then all of the sudden out of nowhere she does it! I love babies hehe.

She has also figured out how to crawl this week! She crawled for the first time on Sunday (the 9th)! We had to get rid of our coffee table (well, we put it downstairs anyway) because it took up most of our living room. Now she has room to crawl.

I can't believe how fast she is growing! She even looks older than she did a few weeks ago. Unfortunately this week she has had a cold. Her first cold ever and it has lasted more than a week now. She has a cough and a runny nose. Her fever went away a few days ago though, so at least she's improving!

Yesterday was also Wednesday which means it was Baking Day! My friend Rachel has been coming over on Wednesdays with her 17 month old son Evan and we bake something. We baked Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies. They turned out pretty well! (As you can tell from the photos, hehe) Needless to say they tasted amazing. They were pretty simple to make too. I also baked some Blueberry Muffins because it was my turn to bring snacks to Bible Study today. I didn't end up going because Zoe is still sick, but my MIL brought the food to church for me.

My oven has been pretty busy in the last 24 hrs! Cookies, muffins, sweet potatoes (for Zoe), corn bread as part of dinner last night, and pizza for dinner tonight. I love the oven :) I'm not so fond of my stove-top though (as it is nearly impossible to clean) I end up using it nearly every night though. I should bake more of our dinners and use my Crock Pot. I cannot wait until we move and I have a new stove...hopefully it is not like the one we have.

Ok enough rambling, I need to get to bed now!


  1. I simultaneously love seeing Little Man change, grow, and start doing new things and dislike the fact that it's happening so fast! I loved hearing about your little Zoe's new skills. ; ) How fun. You cookies looked yummy too...

  2. Zoe is adorable...and those cookies look DELICIOUS! :)

  3. The cookies WERE delicious!


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