Friday, November 28, 2008

A few more days...

It'll be a few more days until I start posting blogs again. I've caught Zoe's sickness (a stomach flu). Before this year I had only had the flu once in the past 15 years or so... now I've had it twice this year. The first time was in Feb while I was 8 months pregnant and I ended up in the Hospital. Thankfully this time is not *that* bad but I still feel awful. Zoe is still a little sick but overall I think she's doing pretty well. My mother-in-law is also sick. No shopping for us today! It's okay though.

Please keep us in your prayers this week.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Prayer Request

Please pray for my 8 month old daughter Zoe. I don't know if she ate something bad today or if she has a stomach flu. She started "getting sick" about 2 hrs ago and since then she's "gotten sick" 8 or 9 times. Now she's so exhausted she is falling asleep immediately after she gets sick, and she's looking very pale. I'm a nervous wreck. I called the after hours nurse and got some advice from her but now I just have to wait until morning and see what happens.


We're Home!

We spent the last week in San Diego, CA (our hometown) hanging out with friends and family. As you can tell from my previous post, we went there for a Wedding.

Tuesday - Got up at 5 am (after going to bed at about 12:30 am, hah!) My sister and friend Amanda picked us up, drove us to Gage's Grandpa's house. We hung out with some of Gage's family, went out to eat, then were dropped off at my Dad's house.

Wednesday - We went up to Riverside (an hour away, where I was born). Hung out with Kristie & Elliott for a while, then we all went out to eat and my cousin Adam, aunt Luanne, Grandma & Grandpa met up with us. Later we stopped by Alex's (the groom) surprise Birthday party :) Good times.

Thursday - I went to Disneyland all day with my friends (for the Bachelorette Party!), Gage went to the Bachelor Party, and Zoe stayed with my "other Mom" for the day :) Sounds like she had a blast! I had SO much fun at Disneyland. I hadn't been there in 3 years! That is a long time for me haha.

Friday - Gage, Zoe, and I went to the beach for a bit, Zoe played in the sand for a while. We walked on the pier at my favorite beach (Oceanside!) and Zoe waved at all the Seagulls. hehe. Later that evening we went to the Wedding Rehearsal.

Saturday - The Wedding!! It was beautiful. I cried many times, haha. My little Shellybean is a married woman now. Amazing!

Sunday - Went to my old church, got to see my Dad lead worship and hear my little sister Gabby's AMAZING voice. I love the music they do at their church! After worship we had to leave. It was sad saying bye to my Dad, sister, and my brother at church. I'm always especially sad when I have to say bye to my brother because he's autistic and so until I see him again I have no way to be in contact with him since he can't talk on the phone or e-mail. Leaving church early was also something I was hoping we wouldn't have to do. I wish we could have stayed to hear Pastor Dave's message (He's the pastor that married Gage and me). We had to head to the airport though. We flew to Omaha, NE and drove home from there. Got home at around 1:30 AM. Yup.

The trip was way too short. Usually we go there for over a week, last time it was almost two weeks that we were in San Diego, then we spent another week in Northern Cali. Hopefully next year we'll get to stay longer. We plan our trips around Weddings and Graduations haha. I wonder who will be getting married next.... *cough*Gabby*cough*. Her boyfriend caught the garter, she caught *part* of the bouquet haha.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Goin' to the Chapel!

I'm going to be in a Wedding today! I'm a bridesmaid (well, brides matron technically since I'm married). One of my best friends in the world is getting married today! I'm so excited for her! I am going to cry my eyes out the moment she walks down the isle.

We're off to find a dress for Zoe. I managed to forget to bring a dress for her to wear to the Wedding...haha. Can you believe it?? Me of all people. Oh well, it's an excuse to buy her a really cute dress ;o)

Two days ago we went to Disneyland to celebrate her Bachelorette Party. Yesterday was the Rehearsal, that went very well :) Zoe is doing good on this trip. She played in the sand at the beach for the first time yesterday - she loved it!

Ok gotta go!


Friday, November 14, 2008

My History with Christ

  • At what age did you recognize you were in need of a Savior?
I attended church my entire life and I believe I first understood that I was in fact a sinner and I needed a savior when I was around 8 years old. However, I didn't fully devote my life to him until a long time after that. I honestly don't know when I officially became saved but I think it may have been at around age 18. That is when I fully understood my need for Jesus and my heart and mind began to be transformed. I wanted nothing else than to honor the Lord with my life.
  • Who shared the Gospel with you (you don't have to share names unless you just want to)?
Initially, my parents and Sunday school teachers while growing up. I always knew I was a sinner (well after around age 8) and my life was spent trying to please God, but I think it was for the wrong reasons until I was in my late teens. After that I don't think I really had it explained to me in such a pure form as The Way of the Master uses. Their ministry has heavily influenced my life by their preaching of the Gospel.
  • What was your first reaction when heard the Gospel for the first time?
I cannot clearly remember my reaction to hearing the Gospel for the first time, so I will explain my reaction to hearing it now. I am absolutely mind-blown at the idea that the God of the universe would love his creation so much that he would send his son to take our punishment (that we brought upon ourselves!). How incredible is it that we have this wonderful, beautiful and merciful God that is willing to forgive us of our sins if we just repent and trust in Him?! We deserve nothing and yet he died for us. It is absolutely phenomenal.
  • How long did it take you to understand Jesus is the only Savior, repent and trust Him with your life?
Years. Only recently have I understood the importance of repentance and what true repentance is.
  • How often do you share the Gospel with others?
Honestly, I hardly ever leave my own house and when I do it is to go to the grocery store or church. I guess I should start finding ways to talk to people at the grocery store, eh? :) This is mainly why I have a blog. So that I can proclaim to truth to anyone who reads this.
  • What plans do you have to become more committed to sharing salvation in Christ with others?
Right now I am hoping that God provides me with the courage to preach the gospel to all of my unsaved family members. Unfortunately, many of them are big on debating, which I am not. I feel hugely burdened with the fact that I may not be able to stay on the right track and on topic if trying to preach the gospel to them.
  • What scares you the most about sharing the Gospel and what Scriptures have helped you overcome those fears?
Basically my biggest fears are two things. 1) Not being able to preach the Gospel as a result of their 100 off topic questions or non-willingness to admit they have sinned against God. 2) The aftermath. I believe these two fears are the same fears that many people struggle with.

No matter what a person says, no matter how many random questions they bring up, we must stay focused on the heart of the matter: that we are all sinners and need a Savior. But when the person is not a stranger, such as a family member - it becomes more difficult to just ignore their questions and continue on with the Law to show they they've sinned. I'm afraid I won't get to the sharing of the Gospel part. And then if I do share the gospel, what will they think of me afterwards? Will they give me the silent treatment?

I recently shared the Gospel with my Grandmother and she hasn't spoken to me since (and that was about 2 months ago). I know that even if she never speaks to me again it was well worth it, but I'm afraid of doing that with *everyone* I know that is not saved. I fear that no one will ever want to even be near me again!

To overcome these fears I need to understand that God is in control and there is nothing that happens that is not according to His plan. I seriously have nothing to worry about. No man can harm me because I have the Holy Spirit within me. I must keep this in mind when sharing the Gospel. It is not up to me to change a person's heart - that is entirely God. All I can do is proclaim that His word IS truth and we have all sinned and we all fall short of God's glory. We need Jesus Christ if we want any hope for life after death.

Christmas is FOR Jesus

This is exactly why we must keep Jesus Christ at the center of all of our Christmas celebrations that are coming up. He IS the reason for the season (forgive my rhyming cheesiness). Christmas is celebrated to honor the birth of the one person that was able to forgive an entire world's worth of souls (past, present, and future)! All he asks is that we TRUST him and believe in Him. Only through this will true repentance occur, and we will turn from our sins and live as a light in this world of darkness.


All Sorts of Fun!

I haven't written a blog in a few days, which is weird for me haha. I've been extremely busy working on a very BIG project. I'll write about it after I get back from San Diego. We will be in San Diego from the 18th (next Tuesday!) until the 23rd. One of my best friends is getting married and I am in her Wedding. I'm so excited!!! I'm not excited about traveling with an 8 month old though... It was easy to travel when she was 2 months old and again when she was 3 months old but...8? I guess we'll find out on Tuesday! For those of you who don't know, we are originally from San Diego.

Our beautiful daughter Zoe is now officially 8 months old (as of yesterday!). To celebrate her 8 month birthday she decided to feed herself for a change! She picked up her little puffed corn snacks and put them in her mouth yesterday. I've been trying to teach her how to do that for a couple weeks now. She didn't really seem to be making any progress...then all of the sudden out of nowhere she does it! I love babies hehe.

She has also figured out how to crawl this week! She crawled for the first time on Sunday (the 9th)! We had to get rid of our coffee table (well, we put it downstairs anyway) because it took up most of our living room. Now she has room to crawl.

I can't believe how fast she is growing! She even looks older than she did a few weeks ago. Unfortunately this week she has had a cold. Her first cold ever and it has lasted more than a week now. She has a cough and a runny nose. Her fever went away a few days ago though, so at least she's improving!

Yesterday was also Wednesday which means it was Baking Day! My friend Rachel has been coming over on Wednesdays with her 17 month old son Evan and we bake something. We baked Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies. They turned out pretty well! (As you can tell from the photos, hehe) Needless to say they tasted amazing. They were pretty simple to make too. I also baked some Blueberry Muffins because it was my turn to bring snacks to Bible Study today. I didn't end up going because Zoe is still sick, but my MIL brought the food to church for me.

My oven has been pretty busy in the last 24 hrs! Cookies, muffins, sweet potatoes (for Zoe), corn bread as part of dinner last night, and pizza for dinner tonight. I love the oven :) I'm not so fond of my stove-top though (as it is nearly impossible to clean) I end up using it nearly every night though. I should bake more of our dinners and use my Crock Pot. I cannot wait until we move and I have a new stove...hopefully it is not like the one we have.

Ok enough rambling, I need to get to bed now!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Google Calendars

I'm a big fan of Calendars because I'm at home every day and I lose track of what day it is all the time. I'm also a big planner and its hard to plan if I don't have a calendar right in front of me. I'm a huge fan of daily agendas! I am a very forgetful person and having lists and plans is something I must have.

In addition to hanging 3 calendars in our home (one in our bedroom, one in our living room, and one in the kitchen), I use my Microsoft Outlook calendar as my main calendar because I see it when I open my e-mail and I can type everything in rather than having to hand write it all out, I can use different colors, repeat items automatically, etc.

Last week I discovered the Google Calendars. At first I was not sure of it because I'm so used to my Outlook calendar, but I've come to love these calendars for a few reasons. You can:

  • View multiple calendars at one time (even calendars that belong to your friends & family!)

  • Turn on and off specific calendars.

  • Have your daily agenda e-mailed to you.

  • Share your calendars with friends with friends and family! This way Gage and I always knows what the plan is for the day and we can access it from the internet, we don't need to be at home on our own computer to view it.

  • Post your weekly menu plans for your family to see!

The image on the right is an example of the Dinner Calendar turned off. I

currently have the following calendars (and Gage and I share all of them): Gage's Calendar, Shaina's Calendar, Special Days Calendar (for birthdays & anniversaries, holidays, etc) , Dinner calendar (since we have a 6 week menu plan it only took me about 5 minutes to put this together), and our Family Calendar that is specifically for everything our family does together (church, family get-togethers, vacations, etc). Each calendar has its own color so that when you see "Bible Study" on Thursday morning in purple, you can know it is my study and not Gage's.

There are also special calendars you can add to your google calendar such as: a to-do list, weather forecasts, national holidays, and more.

I am so grateful for this! Gage has two jobs and he goes to school full time so his schedule is all over the place, this has helped me keep track of what he is doing each day so I can plan my days around his schedule. It's wonderful!! If you are like me and need to plan everything to get anything done, this is definitely something to check out. :)


Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Simple Home

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."
- William Morris (British craftsman, designer and poet, 1834-1896)

I've been trying to simplify lately. I've been organizing just about everything in sight, re-arranging things, finding new ways to do things, ways to use what I already have rather than buying new stuff, ridding my home of the items that serve no purpose like old magazines and items that were given to us that I saved just because...they were given to us. It always amazes me how much stuff we Americans have. Do we really need all of those kitchen appliances? 500 channels on TV? 5 radios in the household? Do I really need 25 plastic containers to store leftovers in?

That's my thought for today. I've been thinking a lot about my home lately. I was unable to go to church this morning because my daughter is sick. So I have been home all day taking care of her. Now I'm working on a project for a friend, which led me to come across that quote :)

Halloween 2008 Photos!

Our Halloween ended up being pretty fun after all! I dressed Zoe up as a Pumpkin and we went over to my in-law's house, ate Chili, hung out with the family, handed out candy to trick or treaters. The evening resulted in so many amazing photos of Zoe in her pumpkin suit..I don't know which ones to post! I also have pictures of me carving my very first pumpkin *ever* in my life and the end result turned out pretty awesome! Here are a few of my favorites.

To check out the full album of photos, click here! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Kitchen

Today I was tagged by Christina over at A Homemakers Journal

It appears that it is my turn in the blogosphere to post my 7 favorite things in my Kitchen! So here we go...

#1 A photo of my Mom and me in 2004. Located on the window sill in front of my kitchen sink.

#2 - A Bunny that my Mom made years ago. She sits on top of our Bread Box.

#3 - My Table Runner, made by my Mother-in-Law!

#4 - My Fridge and all of it's awesomeness.

#5 - My "Junk" Drawer

#6 - My Curtains with Apples on them!

#7 - Last but not least... our super cool trash can! It takes up no extra space :)

I am tagging anyone who reads this who has a kitchen of their own! Now, get to it. Haha. It is almost 1 am and I have been awake since 5:30 am.... it's time for bed!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Things to Consider about Work

If you are a married Mom that is trying to decide whether or not you should work or stay home, these are some things that must be taken into consideration before making that decision.

First figure out how and if it is possible for your family to be a one income family, if not - decide if it could be in the future by finding expenses you could cut back on or eliminate altogether. The reason I encourage you married women to find a way to stay home is because I believe it is the most rewarding job a woman can ever have. It is such an incredible blessing to be constantly available to my daughter.

By working 40 hours a week for approximately 50 weeks a year (that includes approx 2 weeks off from work for vacation), you are away from your children for nearly 3 months out of the year. Not a big deal, right? Now, Multiply that by 18 years and it becomes 4 years of your life away from your child(ren). That is time that you do not get to spend with your child.

Granted, 13 of those years they will be in school for a large portion of your work hours, and if you work only during their school hours it will only mean that 2 years have been taken away due to the amount of schooling the public system has them do. However, if you work 9-5 you loose an additional 9 months. Over a period of 13 years those 2 extra hrs become 270 full 24 hr periods (9 full months).

If you work full time, 9-5pm: That is 420 days in the first 5 years of their life (over a year of their life) and plus the additional 270 days throughout the next 13 years. That is 690 days ( nearly 2 years) that you could spend with your children should you choose to not work full-time. The reason I have added up all of these days is because many of us don't realize exactly how much time is taken away by us working all the time.

Education is not an option. Therefore if your child is in the public school system, 2 of the 4 years you are unable to spend with your children they are being educated. Every child must attend some form of school: whether it be in a public school, private school, home school, or even unschooling. A child cannot go through life without some form of education. Day care programs, summer long camps, and after school programs may offer some education, but their main purpose is to serve as forms of childcare. The only reason they exist is because of working parents and their need for childcare while they are working during the days.

The point is we only have roughly 18 years to encourage, teach, love on, and guide our children until they become adults, and from then on - they are on their own. Yes, Lord willing you will still be around for them but they will essentially be on their own. 18 years is not long in regards to a lifetime, it is time that should be well cherished. I believe many Mothers in our culture do not take enough time to cherish their children. When you take into account all of the hours used by working full time, you literally have only have 14 years to spend with your children.

The thing to consider is this: Is all of that time spent away from your children worth it? Is your decision to work based on a personal fulfillment desire? Will your children truly benefit from your work? As for me and my family, the answer is no. We are living on a single part-time income and there are often times where I wish I could go work for a paycheck to contribute to our family, but the fact of the matter is - we are not on the streets. God is providing. I have no true need to work outside of the home. For some people it might be worth it, but in my case I view no job is more worthy of my time than my family. No job can even come close to the level of importance of Motherhood.

As for working while the children are in school (granted of course that you are not homeschooling), I believe the answer is entirely up to you and your husband. The answer to that question should be based on what you know you are capable of, what your goals are, and what your convictions are (Romans 14). I believe women should be the keepers in their home (Titus 2), but I also believe a woman can work outside of the home (as the Proverbs 31 woman did) and still be the keeper of the home - as long as your motives are Biblical and you are not neglecting your duties as a Mother.

My Mom stayed home with me and my 2 siblings. She was home with me every day of my life until I was about 5 years old (which I believe is a very critical time for motherhood and childhood). After that, during my 13 years of school I went to a public school for many of those years and home schooled for a few of them - but I was never home alone day after day or had to be put into any after school day care due to my Mom working past my school time. Let me tell you - I was and still am SO grateful for that because through her example, I learned just how precious time with your children is and how every moment of the day should be cherished. I was also able to spend more time with my Mom than many kids ever get the chance to. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for blessing us with that time because she died when I was just 20. God used her impact on my life to shape me into the person that I am now, and I need to thank him every day for it. If I die when Zoe is 20, I want to know that I have taught her everything she needs to know and I want to be there with her every step of the way, every single day. Absolutely no time wasted.

My Mother's dedication to motherhood is one of the most important things I ever learned from her. I remember when I was very young and I asked my Mom why she didn't have a job (meaning a job outside the home) and she replied with, "So that I can always be here for you." She dedicated her life to taking care of us children to the best of her ability. I hardly ever saw her do anything for herself, she spent all of her time doing things for the good of her family. And she always was there for me and available to me always, until the day she died. In that sense, she was the epitome of what I believe every Mother should be.

Within a Family this is what the Biblical order is: God is our Father and we must submit to him first and foremost. Second, as a wife you are to be your husband's helper and submit to him as the leader of the family. Third, your children, and then yourself. God is glorified through this order, which is why he designed it this way. Your children come before you and all of your personal goals in life. Your decision about work needs to be based upon the needs of your children, not yourself. Many women choose to work for reasons that are nothing less than selfish. They want to be accepted by the culture as an important member of society - they base their importance on their job. A job that is going to take time away from family is not a privilege, it does not determine your level of importance, it is a duty and that is all. If you decide you must work it should be for the good of your family, not yourself.

If you are working because you need to and your family would be on the streets if you did not work, then work! You are honoring the Lord by doing your duty to your family. However, if you are working just for the sake of having extra money or if you feel you need a job or else you'd be bored - you need to examine your motives and priorities because your children need you. I may also point out that a lot of what women make at their jobs goes to day care, in some cases it is nearly all of the money goes to it.

Children need their Moms. If you are working all the time and they are in day care all day or after school programs, and the majority of their time is spent with other people, not with you: you are allowing other people (many that you do not know) to teach and influence your children and do the work for you. Your children belong to you and they are your responsibility, not theirs.

Our Father in Heaven is always there for us, and we are his children. We need to do the same for our children. Always consider their needs before your own I can guarantee the Lord will bless you for it.


This Morning...

....I awoke to this!

On November 7th

It came two weeks earlier than it did last year. Our first snow last year occurred on Thanksgiving, which was on the 22nd. We also had a white Christmas last year (a first for Gage and me!) It sure is interesting to see the leaves fall on top of snow and my pumpkin is still out on the front porch...covered in snow haha. Our weather has dramatically changed in the past two days. As of a couple days ago we had temps around 70, and this weeks forecast doesn't get above 35 degrees. Crazy! Stuff like this never occurred in San Diego (haha), so I'm always very amazed at the temperature changes :)

Another strange thing about this morning: I woke up on my own, with no help from Zoe! This has not happened in months. In fact I can't think of a time where this has happened since she's been born! Zoe didn't get me up for a morning feeding early this morning as she always does. I woke up and my first thought was, "Whaaat? I actually feel rested. What's going on here?" I woke up at about 10am and about 5 minutes later Zoe woke up :) It's great because I needed sleep - I was awake from 4:30 am to midnight yesterday, and Zoe needed sleep too because she is sick (for the first time). The past few days she's had a fever, major runny nose and a cough. Today her fever seems to be gone though. I hope it stays that way!

It sure is strange to actually feel rested. I'm not tired at all!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Love Evernote!

In our world today we are constantly bombarded with information. So much information that we often forget things we really didn't want to forget. Personally, I forget just about everything that I want to remember and this is why I need schedules, plans, notes, pictures, lists, agendas..etc.

Do you ever wish you could save just a quote from a website that you come across (and not have to go through the trouble of giving it it's own notepad or word document, taking up space on your computer)? Or maybe just part of an e-mail you received yesterday? How about a recipe, along with its pictures that you saw on this great recipe website? An item that you plan to buy on ebay in a week? Driving directions to an airport?

Check out Evernote.

Rather than having to bookmark every single site I come across, I can save just the parts that I want to save and place them in specific notebooks that coincide with their topics. It's like having virtual hands to pull out pages in a virtual magazine (that is the internet), or like having virtual scissors to cut out the parts of the pages that you want to keep for future reference.

I just discovered it a couple weeks ago and it is *awesome*. I don't have to deal with Microsoft Word's crazy formatting when I try to save a recipe (and its pictures) from a website because it saves everything as is. There is no copy, paste, fix, save, file... just highlight whatever it is you want to save, click the green elephant button that is in your browser and poof! It's saved.

With Evernote you can:
  • Create, clip, and share notes on the web and see them everywhere.
  • Search through all your notes, even find text within images, whether online or off (on your desktop)
  • Also - depending on what kind of phone you have you can: Take snapshots, read to-do lists, record audio whenever and wherever you like. Evernote also has special software for your iPhone.

This program can save you a lot of time and a lot of hassle, it also helps you to stay organized. I absolutely recommend it!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama, Abortion, and God's Sovereignty

Pro 3:5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
Our New President:

It is final, Barack Obama has been elected as our new President. The election has finally ended. I am grateful that it is over, but I have to admit I'm not the happiest I've ever been. I don't agree with many things that Barack Obama stands for, and it does concern me that he is the one who is going to be making many decisions that are not biblical, but I don't want to disrespect his authority as President. God has granted him with this job for a purpose - whether he uses Obama to save the country or completely destroy it, only God can know what our future holds and that is who I put my hope in.

This leads me back to the topic of biblical submission. We are called to submit to our authorities (Titus 3) and Christians, please do not mock, scoff, disrespect, slander, or dishonor our new President. We may not all agree with him, but being that God placed him in our authority it is our duty to obey the Lord's command by submitting to our authorities, no matter who they may be. Showing disrespect towards Obama is not Christ-like and that is a Christian's ultimate goal - to become more like Christ by honoring God. Jesus Christ absolutely would not poke fun at Obama - he would rebuke him if he sinned for the sake of convicting him. He would proclaim the truth to Obama, but he would not slander him. What you do and say should reflect that which is good, perfect, and holy. No matter how much you may dislike this man, you have no right to disrespect him. If you are truly saved it means you have been transformed by the renewal of your mind, you are a new person in Christ because you have died to your sin - you are no longer held captive by it. Gal 2:20 says, "I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." How beautiful are those words - we absolutely must live them. Always be kind and only speak truth.

Initiative 11 in South Dakota:
1Ti 5:20 As for those who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear.

My heart is aching, I have been crying off and on all evening. Our state tried to oppose abortion to be used as birth control (with exceptions for incest, rape, the health and life of the mother) and people still voted against it. My mind goes directly to all of those unborn babies and the terror and pain that they go through the moment they are murdered. And for what? Is there really any good reason for it? Seriously? I can't even for one second understand why a person would be opposed to Initiative 11. I just can't wrap my mind around it. What goes on in the minds of people who would vote for such a thing? Who in their right mind can be so selfish, so cruel and heartless? It makes me sick to my stomach, my head aches, my heart is broken, I am completely dismayed. What do they do with aborted babies? Throw them in the trash? Can you even imagine how incredibly enormous a grave yard would have to be if you buried each and every baby that has been aborted? Yes, murder is a sin just like lying, stealing, coveting, dishonoring your parents, adultery, etc. The Bible makes it very clear that there must be a payment for sin and if you cannot pay for it (the wages of sin is death) there will be punishment unless you repent and put your trust in Jesus Christ (who paid for your sins, so that you would not have to be punished).

Rom 8:28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

I know God has a plan and purpose for everything, and because I believe what he says is true, all things work together for good and ultimately this will all be for his glory, but unfortunately I am human and I do not understand why he allows things like this to carry on for so long. I feel this same way when I think about my Mom - I don't understand why she had to die so young, why she was "taken" from me when I was just 20, but God is sovereign and he is in control. In the grand scheme of things, my "need" for my Mom is not what is important - God's plan is, because the result of his plan is unimaginable and worth every heartache there is.

He had his reasons for her passing away, and I've been blessed to see that much good has come as a result of my Mom's death (the major one being my sister was saved), and I believe that as a result of these deaths through the horrific act known as abortion, ultimately God will be glorified and much good will come from it.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

28 Years!

It has been 28 years since a Bush or a Clinton was not on the ticket. Isn't that amazing?

I vote for John McCain + Sarah Palin!


No matter what happens though - praise be to our Lord, everything works according to his purposes :)

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Thought for Today

Have you ever had a disagreement with a person in which you debated for a long, long, time only to realize that when you get down to the core of the issue, you find that you actually agree after all? I have had this happen many times. It comes as a result of not knowing exactly why we believe the things that we believe. I think a lot (although not all) of political problems could be solved if everyone involved could get down to the root of the problems. A lot of times I'll hear a debate going on between two people and though they cannot see it, they are arguing for the same exact thing, just from two different perspectives.

It's an interesting thought to ponder.


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