Monday, September 15, 2008

Teeny Tiny Fingernails

The most difficult task of parenting so far has not been the dirty diapers, the baths, the changing of their clothes - sometimes many times in a day -, or even getting used to someone needing my attention 24/7, its trying to cut those little fingernails! It becomes increasingly more difficult as Zoe gets older because now she is a constant wiggler and she grabs and anything and everything she possibly can.

Everyone says, "Just bite them off!"

Yeah... I'd like to know just how you get your giant adult teeth (which are bigger than the entire nail itself) around those teeny tiny fingernails in order to actually bite them off, and doing so without taking off too much! And then there's the baby clippers. Again, the nails are just too tiny! And if you do manage to cut one, it is uneven and then what to do you?

My solution has been the baby scissors. Seems like the last thing that would work right? Well with the baby scissors I don't have to worry about accidentally cutting her skin because I can see what I am doing, and they are not as sharp as the nail clippers.

Even with the best tools and the best strategy, it is still nearly impossible to clip their nails once they reach about 4 months old because by then they realize... it's no longer fun to just sit there!


  1. Hey Shaina! I cut Bella's nails when she's napping, and only then :)Also, I wanted to comment on a previous post- I have been stressing out about being "perfect" too. I guess it's a new mom thing? Anyway, just wanted to say you're not alone!

  2. We used to cut my daughter's nails while she was sleeping as well. It definitely works!


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