Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin

Ever since Sarah Palin was chosen to be the Republican VP candidate I have had mixed feelings about it. I am a strong believer that married women should be in the home raising their children. I believe that is the most Biblical and most important, rewarding, and beautiful thing a woman can dedicate her life to. If a women is not married or does not have children, its a different story. Those women can focus on the Biblical aspects of single living. However, when it comes to married women, I believe it should be only natural to be a homemaker. I applaud the women who decide to stay home with their children. Mothers need to be available to their kids whenever they need them.

One thing that bothers me about our society is that many people claim to be Christians yet they don't uphold the Biblical values that they claim to believe. They let things slide. They don't want to make judgments (even if it is a completely Biblical judgment) or make any any statements that may not be politically correct. I think that Christians should at least acknowledge that Sarah Palin is a wife and a mother and that aspect of her life should come first, before her job. We shouldn't blindly say, "Yes, women should stay home with their children. But Sarah Palin is an exception." Which is what many Christians are doing right now, they are being inconsistent with what they say they believe. This should not be the case.

I think it is much more important to be a stay-at-home-mom rather than be the Vice President of the United States. If it were me, I would have turned down the offer from John McCain. Well, I wouldn't have gotten into politics to begin with, but had I been in the situation, I would have turned down the offer.

Now with all of that said, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't vote for Sarah Palin. I think she has good values, much better values than many other politicians out there. I just don't want go with the flow and not even acknowledge that she should not have accepted the offer. She could be VP for at least 4 years and she has a child with downs syndrome, a pregnant daughter, and 2 other children at home that need their mother, and if she is chosen as VP she will be sacrificing a lot for the sake of a job.



  1. I've been following your blog since you started it a while back. So you know that even if people aren't commenting, they are reading! :) After seeing your blog, I figured I may as well try and start up my own again. I have to say that I was very impressed by you in this post. I know, and I'm sure you do too, that we don't have very similar views in terms of religion and politics. But what fun would it be if we were all exactly the same? I've come to realize that you can learn so much more by reading what people have to say who don't share the same views as you.When I heard about Sarah Palin being chosen as McCain's VP I was wondering what you might think. I quickly heard about Palin's religious and conservative views and my first thought was, "But isn't it written in the Bible that women should stay home to care for their families? That's what I have learned from Shaina's postings!" I don't mean for that to sound silly, because I really follow what you are writing and know that you don't take anything in the Bible lightly.It was reassuring to see you not making an exception or changing your views based on the situation. Nothing is more frustrating than people who follow a belief (religious or not) sometimes, but then come up with a reason why they don't have to abide by it at other times.I personally agree, not necessarily because of any religious belief, that someone needs to be with those Palin children. I don't believe what I have heard recently that the father is the "stay at home day." Sarah Palin speaks of his involvement with drilling and unions, and I really don't believe that either of them has enough time to give those children the attention and love that they deserve. It isn't as if Sarah Palin needs to be working to support the family. She is reaching for her own personal dreams, instead of focusing on her children. Plus, it isn't like she is going to be working as a Secretary or a teacher...she is running to be VP of The United States!Sorry for my extremely lengthy comment. I just felt like sharing!

  2. I personally think that kids need there mom to. However I am so excited to see Sarah Palin running for VP. It gives me hope in this country again. I was starting to think only rich people could ever achieve such a feat! Children need there parents but there are times in history where people need to stand up for the good of there country. It is not healthy for children for there dad to go to war either, but sometimes it needs to be done! I believe God has called Sarah for such a time as this. Just like Ester. She can help our country, right now we could really use her view point. For once my view point will be represented. I never thought that could happen. A wife, a mother , a christian, a real person who speaks her mind instead of trying to be politically correct. I think she has a chance to actually do some good instead of just more of the same. It is amazing to me that someone like her could even have a chance like this. She is unity this country like a storm. I put God, husband, kids. family and then country as my priorities. In this case I would pray about it first. then if it was Gods will I would do it and trust him to help me with my husband, kids and family. There are times when we have to make tough decisions and stand up for what is the right thing to do. Trust God for the details.


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