Monday, September 1, 2008

Money Saving COUPONS!

Coupons! I have always loved coupons.

I have used coupons every once in a while since I've been married, usually only the really good ones but I've never really used them regularly. I always see, "Save 25 cents!" and I think, "Big whoop!", as I assume most people do. But if you add all of those little coupons together, you can save a lot of money! Just by taking a few minutes to cut out a few coupons each day.

I remember my Mom clipping coupons when I was young but since then, I haven't really known anyone who clipped coupons until now. A couple weeks ago I went to Target with a friend who happens to be the coupon queen (ahem...Rachel!)! She gave me a bunch of her coupons she didn't need, and I had a few of my own. I ended up saving $7 just by handing the cashier some coupons. Free money is a good thing :) Those $7 that I saved can go towards more groceries.

My goal this month is to use as many coupons as I can and see how much I save on the things I buy regularly. This Sunday I was surprised to find coupons for items I buy on a regular basis. I have been reading money-saving blogs that tell you how to find freebies, coupons, etc. I'm very excited! We don't really make enough to pay the bills each month so whatever I can do to save money will benefit us greatly.

I just found out about Walgreen's rebate program they have and you can actually get lots of pretty useful stuff for free. Right now the toothpaste that I buy is on the list and so if I buy toothpaste now, I will ultimately get it for free with the rebate. Very cool!


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  1. You should talk to Nate about the rebate program, he's a pro now. He looks forward to doing the "easysaver" each month.


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