Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Family Update

This weekend was fun! We went to LifeLight (a free Christian music festival here in Sioux Falls), saw Switchfoot on Friday night, and on Sat we saw a bunch more bands. We didn’t end up going on Sunday because Gage had to work and I couldn’t get a ride. Next year I think we plan to actually camp (in the motor home) at the Festival and next time Gage won’t forget to ask for the weekend off work...haha. My friend Rachelle actually performed a couple songs on the main stage on Sat night! I don’t know who talked her into it but man... I could tell she was nervous. There were about 85,000 people there that night! She did a wonderful job though. She is one of my 5 friends that are pregnant.

Labor day was a full day of just hanging out! Gage had the whole day off, which is very very very rare. He usually has school and/or work every single day.

Zoe is doing well. She discovered how to roll from her tummy to her back this week. She did it all backwards...she started rolling from her back to her tummy when she was 3 months old and usually babies start rolling from their tummy to their back first. She’s my little rollie pollie (sp??). She laughs at stuff all the time now and she absolutely LOVES when someone talks to her. She gets a huge smile on her face and she tries to grab at your face when you’re talking. She grabs for everything now...even hair ;o) Yay. She sits up pretty well now too, but someone has to be right next to her so she doesn’t fall flat on her face (as she did today...even though I was right there!) Zoe’s number of friends seems to grow each and every week! We have a weekly play group each week (even though 2 of the babies – Zoe included – are still too small to really play) and there was a new baby there last week. In our group there are two 5 month olds (Zoe and Kjersten born 10 days apart), two 10 month olds (born a day apart), a 2 year old, a couple 4 year olds, and I believe a 5 year old.

This week I have been focusing on getting organized. Since Zoe was born my organizational habits kind of disappeared. I’ve been making schedules, to-do lists, menu plans for the week, clipping coupons, and reading tons of blogs on homemaking and money saving. Hopefully within a week or two I will have all of my planning and organizing finished and I can actually start doing the things on my lists! Haha.

I’m excited for this week! Our Women’s Bible study on Isaiah begins on Thursday morning, our Community Group (or Small Group as most people call them) begins Thursday night (I think - actually I need to first find out which group we are going to be going to this year haha), and on Sunday before church we are doing a Way of the Master class at church. Thankfully there is childcare during each of them! Yay! This is one of many reasons to look forward to Fall.

All summer it has been the same... very warm, slight (or major) humidity, rain here and there. But yesterday, out of was actually kind of chilly! I enjoyed it because it reminded me of a nice evening in San Diego. There was a cool breeze, no humidity at all, and it was nice and sunny outside. Every night I go out and swing on our porch swing (which is actually located on the front lawn in front of the house) with Zoe. I loved sitting out there yesterday evening. It did make me miss CA though.

Today I went to the mall with my 'play group' friends. Then Anna and her baby Kjersten came over (she's the one who is the same age as Zoe). Later on I went over to her house, then we left the babies with her husband Kevin and we went grocery shopping. I was there during Gage's break so he walked around with me and bought me a Dr. Pepper :) Hehe. We returned to Anna's house an hour later and both babies were crying. Zoe looked SO SO SO exhausted. She only had one nap today and it was only about an hour and a half long. When I brought her home we skipped her bath and I just fed her and put her in bed and she went right to sleep at about 8:45. Now it is 10pm and Gage should be home soon! I never know if I should make dinner or not on nights when he works...sometimes he comes home hungry and other nights he comes home not wanting any food. He's got to eat *something* though so I should probably make something each night and make him eat it ;o)

Alright, I'm off to search the cupboards!


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