Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Family Update and Random Stuff

Highlights of this past week:

-The Way of the Master class on Sunday was very intense but awesome. I love this Ministry. They are very Biblical, which is of utmost importance to my husband and me. Gage and I have been listening to their radio station for almost a year now and recently our church began their Evangalism School, which is something we had been hoping and praying for.

-The Sermon on Sunday really helped me figure out some aspects of my character that I really need to work on.

-We went to a Family Picnic Gathering at Sertoma Park with some friends. It was pretty fun, we met some new people too.

-Our Kitchen floor was torn up the day before yesterday. They are putting in new tile. Today they managed to put in half the tile and tomorrow they'll put in the rest. We cannot walk in the kitchen at all though because the tile has to set...so as you can imagine, this hasn't really been convenient. Tonight we can't use our stove/oven or microwave so we bought food and brought it home to eat. Oh, and currently our fridge is in the living room and our stove/oven is out in the patio room. You have to squeeze through the space between the couch and the fridge to get to the hallway or the front door. Fun fun!

-I have been reading blogs like crazy! I had no idea there were blogs for pretty much every topic you can think of. I've found a blog about bread making, blogs with awesome recipes posted every day, blogs with cleaning tips, blogs about coupons & money-saving ideas, homemaking blogs, bible study blogs... the list goes on and on. I have to limit my time of reading each day now because there is an endless supply of awesome information out there just waiting for me to read it haha.

-We're preparing for our trip to Minneapolis on Fri & Sat to celebrate our Anniversary :)

That's basically what we've been up to!

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Five things on today's "To Do" list:

1. Isaiah Bible Study
2. Call WIC and set up an appt.
3. Go to the Apple Orchard and pick apples! Yum!
4. Order a few prints of Zoe's 6 month photos.
5. Figure out how to live without a kitchen for yet another day.

Ten Years ago what were you doing?

In 1998 I was in 8th grade, 13 years old, living in Vista, CA. My Dad re-married that year. I was in public school for half the year then my Mom decided to home school me again. I spent a lot of time with my friends in the apartment complex that I was living in, when I wasn't with my friends, I was in my room organizing or creating something, learning how to make websites, or chatting online.

If I were a Billionaire:

Honestly, I've been given more than anything money could buy. I've been saved through faith in Jesus Christ. I wouldn't want to be a billionaire or even a millionaire, in fact I have no desire whatsoever for that to ever happen. However, if I did for some reason acquire a large sum of money...I'd probably buy a 5 bedroom house (since we hope to have 4 children), furniture for the house, a car big enough to fit our family, buy houses for my friends and family, throw a little chunk of it into savings, and then I'd give the rest away to people who actually need it and ministries that I support.

Three bad habits:

1. Being very quick to anger.

2. Not wanting to go to bed. But I love sleep.

3. Being "too tired" to exercise.

Five places I've lived:

1. Riverside, CA (where I was born)

2. Vista, CA

3. Escondido, CA

4. Danville, KY

5. Sioux Falls, SD

Five jobs I've had:

1. McDonalds Cashier

2. Bath & Body Works Sales Associate

3. Macy's Price Auditor

4. Gerardy Photography - Packaging

5. Current job: Being a Homemaker, Wife, and Mother.

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