Saturday, September 6, 2008

Changing Seasons

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Seasons are new to me. I grew up in Southern California where there are basically the Summer months and the non-Summer months. During Fall and Winter in Southern California it rains more (which is hardly any at all) and it is slightly cooler than it is in Spring and Summer. That period of non-Summer was my favorite though. It was never humid, the air was cool and fresh and there was always a slight breeze. A couple of days when I was outside swinging with Zoe as I normally do in the evening, I noticed that the humidity was gone, the weather was cooler, and there was a slight reminded me of California weather and words cannot describe how amazingly happy it made me feel. I also noticed one other thing that evening, for the first time in my life I am excited for Fall and even Winter (the first half anyway - winter lasts 6 months here).

For the majority of my life I've never dealt with snow or changing leaves (mostly because of the lack of trees in San Diego), there was no need to buy a winter coat or pack or unpack winter clothes, there were no special recipes we had for the different seasons, I never once carved a pumpkin or picked apples to make Apple pie. I never participated in winter sports of any kind and I never had a garden of my own. I now understand why my Mom always talked about how she wanted to move to a place with seasons (which she did!). Part of me always wished that I grew up in a place with real seasons. There is so much more to life with Seasons! I would prefer it if winter didn't last half the year but I am grateful that we at least have winter here as opposed to no winter in San Diego.

I am so happy that Zoe is going to have the opportunity to grow up with the different seasons! She is going to have such happy memories associated with them. I lived in Kentucky for one year when I was 15 and those memories stick with me more than many others from my childhood because of the seasons. Maybe it'll be different for her because she's going to grow up with them but I don't know... a lot of people I've met here seem to really enjoy the seasons and actually look forward to them.

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  1. I am SO with you on the seasons. Last Halloween, it was so neat to take the kids trick-or-treating and actually be able to wear warm costumes and walk through all the crunchy piles of leaves.


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