Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekly Project List

Usually I am pretty good about finishing all my tasks on my to-do lists. Not this week. It is Sunday again and my to-do list still hasn't been completed.

Monday: Clean the patio room. Make a schedule for daily tasks. Create a menu plan.
Tuesday: Pull the 10 ft weeds in the garden (we haven't even touched that garden this year!) and mow the backyard.
Wednesday: Clean the basement.
Thursday: Make both bathrooms and the kitchen spotless!
Friday: Dust and Vacuum the entire house.
Saturday: Work on Photography Homework

We didn't actually pull the weeds. Gage's grandparents said they'd do it when they got here so they are in the process of pulling the weeds now. I guess 3 out of 7 tasks is better than nothing.

Here is my new project list for the week:

Mon: Do ALL Laundry. Make daily tasks schedule, work on Menu Planning, make a list of foods we need at the store. Go sign up at the Family Wellness center (I get a free month because I had Zoe at Sanford!). Go to the bank.

Tues: Grocery Shopping, Dust and Vacuum house

Wed: Work on Photography Homework

Thurs: Work on our Budget

Fri: Clean the bathrooms and the kitchen (cupboards, fridge, floor, etc)

Sat: READ! I have so many baby magazines and recipe magazines I have put off reading for months... I need to look at them at some point haha.

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