Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rachelle and Josh

A few days ago I decided that I wanted to write about all of my friends individually and how I met each of them. I plan to do this over time though, not all at once.

With the upcoming Lifelight festival this weekend I figured it is fitting to make my first friends post about Rachelle and Josh Brewer. A wonderful Christian couple that we know here in Sioux Falls. They were our first friends here! This story begins with a radio commercial.

I had never heard about LifeLight until 2006, a few months before I moved to Sioux Falls. I was sitting in my car in San Diego and I heard a radio commercial for this LifeLight music festival in SIOUX FALLS, SD of all places. I was amazed! I had never even heard of Sioux Falls before 2006 and then all of the sudden I was going to be moving there (well, here...) and then I heard about it on the radio in San Diego! We did not attend Lifelight that year though because we didn't arrive in Sioux Falls until September 30, a few weeks after the festival.

Right after we moved here I was browsing on MySpace and I saw one girl in a Wedding dress who lived in Sioux Falls. I saw her profile and I found out that she had just gotten married 6 days after we did! Her name was Rachelle. I sent her a friendly message introducing myself and saying congrats on her new marriage. We became MySpace friends and within a month, after a Bebo Norman concert, she invited us to come to Perkins to hang out with her, her husband, and her friends. As we are sitting at the table, she asked if we had ever heard of Lifelight. I then remembered the radio commercial I had heard a few months before and so I said, yes! I had heard of it. Well, it turns out that her parents are the founders of Lifelight - The Greenes. They then tried to describe to me how big and amazing and fun the festival is and I got very excited. I had always wanted to go to a big Christian music festival but never could afford it!
So all year I very much looked forward to Lifelight. It finally came and it was exactly as I had pictured it :) It was so much fun. However, I was pregnant and not feeling well and my back hurt VERY bad that weekend so that did put a damper on things.

We hung out with Rachelle and Josh quite a bit when we first met - we went to a Bible study at the Greene's for a few months but the study ended because they got so busy with Lifelight. Rachelle & Josh got involved in missions and so we didn't really see them much this past year unfortunately. However...Rachelle is expecting a baby now! So this means they will be in town for at least 9 months, haha. I'm so excited for them! I hope they have a girl. Zoe needs more girlfriends! Rachelle's best friend Rachel is also pregnant and expecting a little boy! I think they are due the same month. I'm so excited about all these babies due next year!

Both Rachelle and Josh share a strong desire for reaching the lost. In the past year they have been in missionary boot camp, they went to Mexico, and to Haiti. They are currently running the Lifelight Missions, and Josh is starting a street team this year that will be going around Lifelight sharing the gospel to whoever needs to hear it. (Gage was going to be part of that group but unfortunately Gage has to work on Sat and Sun.)

Rachelle will be performing at this year's Lifelight in the Coffee House on Sunday at 6pm I believe. Josh is speaking on the Souled Out stage (I think) on Saturday.

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