Monday, August 18, 2008

New Routines

Well I accomplished everything on my list for the day! I am still working on the menu for the next two weeks though.

The past two nights I have started a good bedtime routine with Zoe. We go outside and swing on the swing for half an hour, starting at about 7pm. Then I bring her in, give her a bath, feed her, and by 8:00 she is tired enough to go right to sleep. Hopefully this routine sticks for a little while! A few days ago, I think on the 14th, she started saying "Maamamaamama" lol It is soooo cute! She usually does that when she is upset though. She gets to be more and more alert every day, she is so fascinated by the simplest things. I love it!

I don't know what is going on with me, but the last 3 days I have been so sooo hungry. I snack on foods (veggies, applesauce, bread & butter...) all day long and that is the last thing I want to do. I'm trying to loose the baby weight, not gain more... :-/ I am so hungry though. I joined a gym today (well, I get a free month because I had Zoe at Sanford so I am taking advantage of the free month, then I probably won't continue the gym, but I want to continue exercising). I want to start an exercise routine of some kind. I was already overweight before I was pregnant, now I'm 20 lbs more than that haha.

Gage started his 2nd semester at STI today. Right now he should just be finishing up his Psychology class. (He called right after I finished typing that sentence! haha) Psychology is one of the few non-computer classes he has to take. Hopefully he enjoys it! I loved my Psychology class in college. I got an A :) I even thought about majoring in it. Gage is taking 5 classes this semester! He plans to go to school, work at HyVee most evenings, and work with Joe painting on Fridays.


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