Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad / Family Returns!

First things first...

Happy 52nd Birthday Dad!!!

And in other news...

Gage's parents and his younger brothers have been on vacation - driving in their motor home, camping, and visiting various places for the past two months. We joined them for one week (the first week in July) while we were out in California. We went to Yosemite National Park, San Francisco for the 4th, and Auburn (the Sacramento area) to visit family.

They returned to Sioux Falls yesterday! Along with Gage's grandparents (the Murrays) who will be staying at our home (which is actually their house) for the next 4 or 5 months. Though I have enjoyed this alone time with just my husband and my daughter, I definitely missed the family.

One of their many adventures on their trip was a trip to Disneyland. They showed us a few things that they bought at Disneyland and I was really starting to miss it haha. I realized that I have not been to Disneyland since Dec. 2005! I used to go every year! It is just so expensive now. Over $60 a person. I'm hoping that next year when we are are in CA we can make a trip to Disneyland. Of course Zoe won't really know what's going on but she'll know who Mickey Mouse is and there are a few rides we can take her on :) I just want to see that new Finding Nemo ride!! Finding Nemo is one of my all-time favorites.

We have not see Russell yet because he arrived late last night. He went on an Alaskan Cruise! Hopefully we will see him later on today. Gage is working at HyVee today. My poor dear husband has not had a day off in 3 weeks (he is working 2 jobs) and during the week he works 10 hour days! Once school begins next week he'll get a few days off, which will be wonderful!

And in other random news...

Can you believe Madonna turns 50 years old today?? Sheesh.
I didn't know my Dad and Madonna had the same birthday until today.


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