Friday, August 15, 2008


God has blessed me with so many wonderfully unique friends in the past year! I am so thankful for them. For a long time was struggling because when I moved here I wanted instant best friends and I knew that wouldn't happen. Over the past two years I have met many people and developed friendships with many of them (mostly in the past year) and it is interesting because 95% of them are all at least 3 years older than me, some much older, but surprisingly I very rarely feel like a little kid around them, whereas before I would have probably never have made friends with someone older than me because I always felt intimidated. Maybe that is a sign that I am in fact growing up....*sigh*
It's a good thing! Really, it is. Haha.

Mel & Tim, Marie & Steve, Rachel (and Evan!), Rachelle & Josh, Rick & Amber, Greg & Beth, Cara & Eric, Kristin & Nate, and Anna - I am blessed to know you all. I look forward to getting to know you more as the years go by.


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  1. You're such a sweetie. I hope they all read this.


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